Who is Fit for Green?

Fit for Green provides a new generation of cardiovascular gym equipment. Our equipment is unique because it engages participants and their social groups in sustainability. We do this by converting the calories being burned during exercise into something useful for the environment. The result is that you feel much better about working out and have a more meaningful and rewarding exercise experience!

Exercising on Fit for Green Equipment has triple the impact:
     1. Impacts Climate Change - By generating power from exercise and feeding it back into the power grid
     2. Impacts Natural Resource Preservation – By generating funds for environmental charities
     3. Impacts Cardiovascular Fitness - By exercising as you would on any cardiovascular machine

Your impact potential becomes especially exciting when considering the global potential across the world's 7 million exercise machines that may someday be converted. Over time they could all be clean energy generators.

The clean energy and funding potential are significant and the only requirement is that people continue to exercise as they do today in order to be part of it! Its a super low friction way to support sustainability. At Fit for Green We believe its the small things like this that will help us to find our way to a place where we aren't jeopardizing the future of our planet.

Power Generation

Power being generated is measured during every workout on Fit for Green equipment! Users are aware of how much power they've generated through the amount of Fit for Green lights they see flowing back into the grid. There is also a "lights generated" indicator on every screen. Every 5 lights a user generates is equal to 1 watt hour of power.

The power generated is converted into AC electricity and is put into the grid through the power outlet that the machine is plugged into. This is how the person exercising helps to power the grid and reduce the need to draw power from the local power company. A Fit for Green machine can make as much as a typical home solar panel. The chart shown below shows Fit for Green's cumulative power lights generated since inception.

Social Engagement

To add to the fun, motivation and challenge, the Fit for Green Platform enables users to join with the social groups that they hold dear. For example, their favorite sports team, their college, or even their favorite political party. Each month, based on the amount of power created, a single entity within each social group will be named the victor! A Fit for Green user may be associated with more than 1 group but can not register for more than 1 entity in any of the groups.

Susie may have San Diego Chargers as her favorite football team and University of California Irvine as her college. If Susie worked out and generated 50 lights worth of power, San Diego Chargers would get 50 points and University of California Irvine would get 50 points. The chart below shows the accumulation of registered Fit for Green users over time.

Environmental Charity

The most recent addition to the Fit for Green platform is a set of features that will drive Charitable contributions to sustainable causes. The thinking is that since the workout is about engaging in the act of sustainability we would create a smart way to make each workout a charitable event that furthered sustainable causes.

The pledging people or companies agree to donating a set amount per Fit for Green Power unit. For example, lets say that Acme Inc. agreed to donate $0.01 for each light worth of power during the month of June to a Fit for Green community approved sustainable charity of their choice. On June 1st Joe walks into his campus gym and generates 75 lights worth of power. During Joe's workout a notice flashes on the screen indicating that his workout is sponsored by Acme Inc. and which Fit for Green community approved sustainable charity is the beneficiary.

At the conclusion of Joe's workout it will tell him how much he raised for the charity and tell him how much was raised in total for this particular campaign. The chart below shows the total amount of money pledged to sustainable charities since inception.