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SportsArt Fitness the first green gym system from a major gym equipment manufacturer

Posted on January 28, 2013

SportsArt, a gym equipment manufacturer out of Tainan City, Taiwan, is a pioneer in the world of Fitness-generated electricity.  Their system, built around their own line of gym floor equipment, is a first of its kind.  Customer can add any mixture of elliptical trainers, incumbent bikes, or upright bikes to a single electric generating system.  A single system will support up to 10 pieces of equipment.  The system is sold with with wire tracks, an inverter, and whichever gym equipment you decide to add to it.  They’ve been actively selling this system for just over a year and we have seen news of at least 4 recent installations in various new feeds and articles.  SportsArt has also gone to extra lengths to prepare for US customers by getting their system certified to meet safety standards including UL.

We at Fit for Green are not as familiar with SportsArt as we are with the previous three companies because we don’t see their equipment that frequently in the United States yet, but we are excited about SportsArt none the less.  If US vendors were to follow their lead in innovation that’s exactly what would make this concept take off.  When it comes to buying a fully integrated, commercial grade, Green gym equipment, SportsArt is your only choice today.  We have spent some time with Ken Carpenter, a US based Sale Director, and with Anita Miller, a US based Senior Product Manager and it was clear that a bigger push into the US market with their Green System was in the plans.

Fit for Green has not done any monitoring for SportsArt on their current installations but we did research how we would integrate should an opportunity present itself.  At least some of the existing systems that SportsArt has installed have integrated monitoring from a company called EcoFit.  Seeing more SportsArt Green systems in the United States would certainly be a welcomed site for all of us pulling to see fitness-generated electricity become more broadly adopted.  They are true innovators and pioneers in our industry, keep up the good work SportsArt!

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One comment on “SportsArt Fitness the first green gym system from a major gym equipment manufacturer

  1. This is certainly a wonderful piece of innovation. This is good for the ecology as well.However, there might be few concerns folks might have.

    Does this innovations adds to the cost of the machine so that making it almost not affordable for all.
    Space issues :The concerns regarding the space that this equipment will acquire, etc.


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