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Back in Action After a Short Pause!

Posted on October 25, 2014

After a few quarters break in excitement we’re back in action, starting the next phase of our journey.  During the first phase of Fit for Green we created a platform to communicate the results of Fitness Generated electricity electronically. The platform we developed consists of a Cloud application that is accessible through the Fit for Green website and an in-gym kiosk for people to login before they exercise so that Fit for Green can record their progress.  While this is a nice start, and we were able to install it in 3 gyms, its not something we ever expected to scale very well.

This next phase is one where we will address 3  major issues; price, installation requirements, and user convenience.  The price was just too high when Fit for Green and the third party retrofits were added in.  I won’t go into specifics on costs but I can confidently say that it was frequently a deterrent to adoption.  The installation was also difficult because an electrician had to be brought in to connect conversion equipment to the gym’s grid.  Lastly, the extra step of having to go to a kiosk before working out was just too much to ask of our users.  Not to say that these were all of our challenges but they were definitely 3 of the top 5.

There are some changes to the architecture, a new partner, and new integrated platform.  Our partner will provide the equipment that generates electricity minus the console.  Fit for Green will complete the units by integrating the Fit for Green console, bringing the electricity generation concept front and center.  The finished product will be a gym machine that generates power and is comparable in cost to other like gym equipment.

This short video will show what our partner is providing.  The other parts will be shown in various states with subsequent posts:

Video: Fit for Green Base Equipment

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