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Fit for Green and UCI – Together Again!

Posted on April 14, 2016

This quarter Fit for Green is teaming with an undergraduate class from UCI to explore the new possibilities with Fit for Green Phase II.  As I mentioned in other articles, Fit for Green has started on a major pivot.  That being said, everything that was done before needs redoing.  Things addressed in this pivot are; price of the equipment, complexity of the install, and an improved interface that helps the users appreciate what it means to create power during exercise.

Our team is made of 7 talented young Entrepreneurs that are working on their undergraduate degree and are currently enrolled in a course called “Entrepreneurship: New Venture Management” with Professor Bill Morris.  The students are divided into 3 teams; 2 will be working to assessing IP and getting initial feedback on the product (Product Group), 2 will be crafting the new sales and marketing material (Sales and Marketing Group), and 3 will be assigned to sales projections and all things financial that needs to be assessed for the plan (Finance Group).  The deliverables for these students includes a business plan and a Shark Tank style final presentation of Fit for Green, to the Professor and his colleagues.

My first few meetings with this team has been outstanding!  I have high hopes for our project’s success and I look forward to sharing what I know about entrepreneurship.

One of the new pieces of energy generating gym equipment that we hope to offer is shown in the picture above.  During this week’s presentation we got to push a bit of power back into the wall outside the classroom.

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