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The Green Revolution a leading cardio equipment retrofit company

Posted on January 22, 2013

The Green Revolution is a cardio equipment retrofit company out of Ridgefield Connecticut.  They retrofit spin bikes so that the bikes can create DC power.  They then feed that DC power into a central grid-tied inverter so that the created energy can be converted into utility grade electricity and consumed by the gym utilities in order to reduce the gyms power consumption from their utility company.  The Green Revolution is unlike the ReRev solution in that it has a mechanical element that is used to convert the kinetic energy from the flywheel of the spin bike into electricity.  Read more

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ReRev a leading cardio equipment retrofit company

Posted on January 18, 2013

When Fit for Green began one of the first things on the agenda was to do all the research we could on leaders in the space and very quickly we found and focused on ReRev.  ReRev is at the top in terms of number of fitness-generated electricity installations, solution feasibility, and media attention.  They are an innovator and the leader in the US market.  Because of this our first ever Fit for Green business trip was to meet with Hudson Harr and team at ReRev in St. Petersburg Florida.  Read more

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Gym Equipment Primer

Posted on January 6, 2013

To set the stage for the exploration of Fitness-generated electricity we will first need to categorize exercise equipment so that we can understand eligibility from both a theoretical and practical standpoint.  Theoretically, every piece of exercise equipment that has a mechanical resistance mechanism should be capable of generating electricity.  It comes down to creating something to reclaim that electricity.  Practically, fitness-generated electricity from self-propelled cardio equipment makes the most sense to harness and reclaim at this time.  This is mostly because you can use off the shelf conversion mechanisms. Read more

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